1.Admission process:

Admission Guidelines  for L.K.G

Procedure for Admissions:

The School Managing Committee (SMC), will seek the approval of the Honourable Vice-Chancellor for issuing the admission notification.

Once the approval is given for the admission notification which will be placed in the University website.

The school admits students to LKG every year.

The new academic year starts from first working day of April every year.

Every year an admission committee is formed and consists of:

Teachers (admission committee), Principal & SMC Members.

Admission criteria:

  • The student must have attained at least 4 years of age as on 31st March, in the year in which he/ she is seeking admission in to LKG and should not have completed five years of age.
  • Candidates eligible under Category I (Children of University permanent employees) will be called for an Interactive session and the First list of eligible candidates will be notified.
  • The seats available after admitting eligible candidates of Category I will be considered for other categories. As per the criteria/reservations mentioned below


Category II: Grandchildren of University permanent employees and children of employees associated with University of Hyderabad (Project staff /Research Scholars/ Outsourced employees, Children of Servant quarters) – (80% of seats available after filling Cat-I)

Category III: Children of economically underprivileged (BPL) (10% of seats after filling Cat-I)

Category IV: Grandchildren of retired/expired employees of UOH (Pensioners) & Others (10% of seats after filling Cat-I)

  • Short listing of candidates under Category II, III and IV will be by taking lots/lottery (Lottery will be taken in the presence of the parents seeking admission for their wards and in the presence of the Registrar’s nominee.) within the category, depending on the total number of applications received under these categories.
  • Priority will be given to the applicants (of category II).
  • Short-listed candidates will be called for an interactive session and the child is selected, if he/ she is having the minimum required skills.
  • For classes UKG to Five, if any vacancies exist, a notification will be issued in the month of April every year and the above same procedure is followed to fill the chance vacancies.


The candidates considered for admission into LKG will be called for an interactive session with the teacher along with the parent for submission of filled-in application along with the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Community/Caste certificate in case of SC/ST/OBC candidates.
  3. Proof of eligibility under category I, II or III

Eligible Age of Admission:

A Child must be 3 years old as on 31st March in the academic year in which admission is sought for Class LKG. (Child born on 1st April should also be considered.)

Every year, the Admission notification for L.K.G is given for 50 seats.

  1. Total No. of seats :  50
  2. No of sections :       02
  3. of students in each section :  25
  • The seats available after admitting eligible candidates of Category I will be considered for other categories.
  • The lottery for admission will be taken in the presence of Registrar’s Nominee, SMC members and the applicant parent.
  • Waiting list of 3 candidates from each category will be listed and will be offered a seat, if the selected candidate fail to join.
  • The final List of the selected candidates will be called for the interactive session.


  • A duly filled in application form is to be submitted at the school office.


           Parents are requested to be factually correct in providing information in the admission application form. Any wrong information or concealment of information discovered later may lead to cancellation of admission.

Admission process for L.K.G to VII :

Admission to classes from L.K.G to VII will be filled based on the availability of vacancy position.

  • Admission Test: The children who have registered for classes U.K.G to V will have to appear for an admission test which may be written or oral as laid down by the School. The test will be held for English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS. The selection of the candidates will depend upon the child’s performance in the test/ interview and availability of seats in the concerned class.
  • Names of the children who are selected as per the admission procedure will be displayed on the notice board or parents will be informed through an SMS, an e-mail or through a phone call.
  • Based on the admission test and other criteria, the School reserves the right to admit any student who is found fit for admission or refuse admission without assigning any reason. For all matters related to admissions, the decision of the Principal/Management will be final.
  • Students offered admission must complete the formalities before joining, or the offer will stand cancelled and the seat will be passed on to the next student in the ˜Waiting List”.

Put admission details in pdf like this

Age criteria

Eligible Age of Admission:

The minimum and maximum age limit for admission to University of Hyderabad Campus School into various classes is given below: (Child born on 1st April should also be considered.)





5 years

7 years


6 years

8 years


7 years

9 years


8 years

10 years


9 years

11 years


10 years

12 years

Documents Required

  • Proof of Date of Birth certificate.
  • If the candidate belongs to SC/ST/OBC, kindly enclose an attested copy of the caste certificate.
  • Aadhar card of student, parents (both mother and father).
  • Residence proof.
  • Blood group of the child.
  • ID proof of the parent working in University of Hyderabad
  • Evidence of passing the last class or promotion to present class.
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school should be attached. Transfer Certificates have to be signed by DEO if transferred from other states before the commencement of the academic year.

Fee Payment

The fee is payable by a new student at the time of admission as per the schedule laid down by the school. The fee payable is subject to change from time to time. Parents will, however, be informed of any such changes.

The schedule for payment of fees for four Terms is as follows:

Term I

Between 01 April  – 15 April

Term II

Between 01 July  – 15 July

Term III 

Term IV

Between 01 Oct  – 15 Oct 

Between 01 Jan  – 15 Jan